Poor Filipino people given the inefficiencies of government agencies.

Back in the late seventies or early eighties, my classmate offered to get me my driver’s license; her dad was mayor of a city in the North. Oops, was that corruption? But I didn’t pay for it, my classmate did.

SO why did I suddenly remember that incident almost forty years ago? Perhaps it’s my way of asking whether when things were not centralized, government was, in a sense, more efficient?

Son went to LTO this morning. In the first branch he went to, he said the computer was offline. SO he went elsewhere and when he was over and done with after maybe 1.5 hours, he wasn’t really. He has to go back after 45 days to get his license plate (new according to LTO) and sticker. When husband and I were talking about this, he recalled failing to go back and get his sticker a few years ago and got the sticker for that year a year or so later. How’s that for efficiency? Can LTO not run things such that the time and effort of its clients aren’t wasted? I’m sure some economist can put a peso value to the man-hours lost by the need to go back for things that should have been available to begin with upon renewal of one’s car registration. Moreover, son said, there were no lines inside the LTO office, it was pure chaos.

After his LTO experience, son went to the NBI office in Robinsons Galleria. At 11:00 he was number 213, the number being served was 40. Ever analytical, he texted – it took them an hour to get to 40 so it should take them 5 hours to get to me. By 2:18, he texted the ones being serviced were in the 200s. Thirteen minutes later, he said he had a hit. Mercy! He’ll have to go back on the 22nd to get his clearance. I hope by then everything will be A-ok.

Back in 2009, I went to NBI in Carriedo. I also had a hit (my name starts with a MARIA and that was the cause of the “hit”). But the people there took pity on me because of my being in a wheelchair and issued me my clearance before lunch. I did overhear some ongoing negotiations in one table. If my ears were sharper…


Incidentally, when I called someone from the bank where I got a loan for son’s car regarding getting not only comprehensive insurance for the car but also TPL, she  advised that I get the latter from LTO instead. I said but it costs almost double there. I recall how, the first time we had son register his car himself, he paid P1k for the TPL; it was then a little over P500 if obtained direct from the insurance company not in the LTO premises. So why did the bank person advise that I get TPL from LTO?

According to her, she once went to register her car. She presented the TPL but was issued a P1k TPL insurance at LTO, causing her to have to TPL coverages for the same car. GO figure.

Son, for his part, said that because he already had TPL, the smoke emission people prioritized those that got TPL from them. Whether son’s observation is accurate or not…

Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Poor Filipino people given the inefficiencies of government agencies.

  1. I have my own share of inefficiency stories with other government agencies. I do appreciate the queuing system. What I cannot bear is the longer waiting hours only to be later attended by a not-so-accommodating service personnel. I feel bad especially when I witness retirees and elder clients who are struggling understanding the procedures, instructions and other details presented by the not-so-helpful personnel. They have worked hard half of their life, religiously paid their taxes and yet in the future… this is the kind of treatment they will receive.

    When I really get bored and irritated, I have this weird hobby of counting the number of minutes they spent on one client. I will record them on my phone and compute how many clients can they really attend on a day. (i’m a semi-statistician haha) and sometimes i wanted to suggest that perhaps the government can limit their clients to avoid disappointed clients and exhausted employees.

    • That’s a very interesting thing you’ve been doing and a thoughtful one for the seniors and elderly. Perhaps you should publish a study or something to open the eyes of the people involved!

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