Had dinner with friends Tuesday. Wednesday, sent our hosts 2 cans of SPAM tocino and a can of Delimondo corned beef as they haven’t tried either, the couple being based in the US. Courier: LBC. Destination: Makati Shangrila Hotel.

Followed up with LBC if they were delivering on the 15th because I had clean forgot that this and the days following had been declared holidays. Was relieved when they replied to my FB message that they were open.

Asked my friend if she’d receive the package I had sent via LBC. Friday night she said she hadn’t. They were leaving for the US this morning, Saturday.

As I was out of the house/out of town, I couldn’t furnish LBC the tracking number. I guess even with all the other data provided: name of Consignee, my name, Consignee and my addresses, they just couldn’t trace it — because I furnished them all those.

Soon as I got home today, I called their customer care number and found out Porter Andrew of the hotel refused the package when it was delivered on 15 Jan or the scheduled date.

For said package to be returned to me, I’ll have to pay equivalent of the delivery fee. So while eating those cans of tocino and corned beef, I’ll be thinking of how Andrew doubled the price of what I am eating. And how my friends were deprived of bringing back with them these cans of processed meat.


6 thoughts on “Bummer

    • HI Amelie. And he made me spend P140 more for freight to get the items back, though not yet as LBC has yet to deliver the package back to me. Hay si Porter Andrew

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