The days just past

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When it was first announced that the dates coinciding with the Pope’s arrival and presence would be declared holidays, son immediately reserved two nights in Anvaya. The night before we were to leave, he played basketball. But even days before that, husband was having a bad cough. One indication we should cancel? And the night before, going back to basketball, at around 11 pm, son called – that might be ominous, I thought as it was a matter of been there, done that, and it was. He had dislocated his right shoulder again! Some years back, he had done so too.

I said let’s cancel Anvaya. But in a while he texted; two of his friends brought him to the hospital, he was seated in front and was trying to reach the dashboard. Realizing he couldn’t, one of his friends pushed the seat to move it forward and the dislocated shoulder was settled back in place. The first time it happened, I think it was by a fluke that son restored the dislocation again.

Son had an xray taken, nothing broken. He told his friends to go, his dad was coming for him in a cab so they (son and dad) could go back to the basketball place to pick his (son’s) car. But the friends stayed on until the dad arrived. I love my son’s friends. As in. He is blessed. We are blessed.


So we proceeded to Anvaya, husband with his bad cough, son driving despite his bad shoulder. We took the San Fernando route which WAZE recommended. A good hour quicker. But guess what? WAZE was wrong this time. There was a long stretch of road under repair, so one had to drive ever so carefully as suddenly, there were breaks. And the dust, oh the dust.

The next day, in Anvaya, I was coughing hard. And HHB had forgotten not just the Chips Ahoy I had asked her to bring and which son asked for as we drove to the resort, but also the nebulizer. I tried to get by on meds but there’s nothing like a nebulizer for a quicker fix. I asked husband to call the clinic if they had one and yes, they did. Better still, they’d bring it over. And best of all, a doctor came with the nurse. Did I say best of all? I who’s fearful of doctors? On the phone, husband was asked if I wanted Ventolin or Combivent nebule. Not familiar with the latter, I asked for Ventolin.

Ugh, the doctor checked my lungs/breathing. She softly said there was a crackle. I nebulized without a mouthpiece, just inhaled the smoke emanating from the receptacle. After I was done, she checked my lungs again. Fearful me asked her hopefully, is it better? She said yes, the crackle had disappeared. I asked what the crackle indicated. She said that air wasn’t coming in easily.

Whew. After nebulizing, I slept soundly. Husband and son were waiting for me to have lunch, I told them to go ahead. HHB stayed behind with me. Before coming back, they called to ask what we wanted. I asked for burgers and chicken fingers for HHB. I didn’t eat my burgers; I just had chocolate chip cookies just so I could drink my meds. I was just so blissfully groggy. By around 9:30, I was wide awake and able to play Candy Crush and Soda Crush. Fell asleep before 11 and woke up at 3:30 a.m. Feeling better but not well enough to eat too much of the breakfast buffet.

We stopped at a Caltex station with restos and stores in it; had lunch at CHEGO, a Korean fast food place. For the 4 of us, the bill was P750. Not bad, and everyone in the resto – the servers – were so jovial without being loud. The manager even asked if I have a card that would merit a discount, so I gave her my PWD card, ergo the bill was P710. I asked her if this was owned by Jollibee as it was sandwiched by Jollibee and Chow King, but she said a Korean owns it; the other branch is in Urdaneta in Pangasinan. Not too many people dining in it, which was a relief for us who hate big crowds.

To cut a long story short, we’re back home, though son has gone out still. Oh to be young and full of energy.


Husband recalled an incident this morning. We were having breakfast. HHB saw one of the supervisors in the dining area. She remarked putting one thumb up, “Sarap ng fruit salad niyo a.”

She’s not self-effacing nor an introvert. So unlike us.


The photo of the almost bare tree has crows on it. I took a video. Will try to attach it here if I  succeed in uploading it on YouTube

4 thoughts on “The days just past

  1. That’s quality service, ha? Are you okay na?

    Natawa naman ako sa pagbalik ng shoulder dislocation ng son mo. How fortuitous. Mababaw kasi ang shoulder joint, tapos na-dislocate na nya dati, malamang may konting laxity na talaga.

    • No place like home with a nebulizer on call. Husband suggested calling for one again last night before I slept but I said NO. Seeing a doctor once in a day is ordeal enough. Twice? Ugggh.

      Re son, hay how I wish I could tell him to stop playing basketball already or to steer clear of big men, but already at the resort, he was dreaming of playing with his friends!

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