A few years back, I either bought frozen bagnet or someone gave us. I was told to refry it for best results. But as it turned out, the refried bagnet was tough and dry. I didn’t attempt to do a take two.

Last night, son’s friend who just came back from Ilocos gave us bagnet and Vigan longganiza. For good measure, I asked my Ilocano friend what to do with the bagnet and googled as well. Same recommendation: refry.

Thinking it a pity that the bagnet would turn out tough and dry yet again, I googled. And then I remembered budgetpantry’s air-fried roast pork recipe. This time, I didn’t need the recipe which I had tried before and was so good. Instead, I wanted to check the procedure and see whether it would work for the bagnet in terms of frying a second time.

Hooray, it did. We had “refried” bagnet sans any oil using the PHilips Air Fryer! And guess what, we also had boiled (steamed) shrimp – all 7 pieces of them courtesy of a student of husband from Bulacan.

Yes, dinner tonight was largely courtesy of the thoughtfulness of people.


(For dessert we had some chocolate truffles which our wedding godchildren sent.)

Life is sweet.

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