Off the beaten track, my beaten track

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After City Hall this morning, I thought of going to Pastelleria Mallorca which according to Google is in 18 Sct Puentebella which according to WAZE was some 20 minutes away from City Hall. WRONG.

I called Pastelleria for directions and Corazon said when I’m in Tomas Morato and see Krispy Kreme, I should just follow the road and look for 18 Sct Puentevella, a white house with 3 green gates. Sounds so simple, right? WRONG, if your thinking is like mine: streets prefixed with SCOUT are all in Kamuning. WRonG. No wonder Corazon was telling me to go to Capitol Medical Center or St. Paul’s Church which are near Circle Theater (showing my age, I know) or beyond.

well, Sct P is in Laging Handa and Scout P is a very, very long street, as long as the Amazon River.

But getting there was well worth it. The people were friendly and I was able to buy argellanas and palillos de Milan, plus taco chips and taco shells at prices lower than if I had gotten them in the supermarket. Take note, though, that while the munchpunch page on PM lists a good number of options, available at the store are the non-perishables. Ergo, if you want bocaditos, order two days ahead. Same for chicken a la king, etc.

I got the smallest torta madrid which looked like something Mama would buy from La Cibeles or Dulcinea back in the sixties. the latter I now avoid as their products use butter compound instead of real butter. Mallorca uses Anchor, Ming told me.

Can’t wait to try the torta!


After Mallorca, went to S&R in Shaw. Along the way, I saw Pilar Street. As I knew Jipan has a store there, I watched out for it. Luckily we hadn’t yet passed it when I realized we were on its street.

Jipan’s Pilar Street branch is tiny, though pretty. And the products sold in the store are so few. Best to go to Megamall or Glorietta still.

This branch closes at 6 pm, which is why they don’t offer too many options.



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