Scammers ply their trade even as we mourn

There continue to be lowlifes even as we mourn the policemen who perished in the Mamasapano massacre.

While I went out to do some errands, husband stayed home as he was sick. Our landline seldom rings–whose does when cell phones are so much more convenient? But today it did and the voice asked for husband by name. She said Director A wanted to talk to husband to solicit funds for those left behind by the heroes. She passed the phone to the Director who mentioned a raffle. They were with the Philippine Crimebusters based in Camp Crame, husband was told. The amount specified was P3k.

Husband said, “Pero guro lang ako.”

The voice on the other end of the line said, “Ay guro ka lang? O sige.”

That rejoinder –

does it mean

a. teachers are exempt from the scam because they hardly make enough to begin with

b. teachers are exempt because they are highly regarded

Whom am I fooling? “Ka lang” says it all. People’s perception of teachers, I mean.

Answer is A.

A few days ago, ergo almost a month later, they called up again; this time the voice was male and he sounded threatening. I told him husband was at work – he asked for the phone number; I said look it up yourself. He said he had no directory, I suggested he check online. I wasn’t going to help him ply his trade by making things easier for him.


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