The People Feel

Maybe some remain indifferent to the Mamasapano “misencounter” (my foot), but my two companions in the vehicle I was riding to City Hall had their opinions. And they expressed disgust over the priorities or lack thereof of our minion (remember, he said we are his boss).

I’d like to share what Cathy Babao wrote in connection with what someone omitted to do. Strong words there, anyone should be able to grasp. Unless…

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 16.28.32The photo below which a number shared I like. Mirrors the dignity of the fallen policemen, the respect and honor we owe them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 16.32.46

And this link shows the faces of the men we mourn today.


2 thoughts on “The People Feel

  1. I should read Rigoberto Tiglao’s column! I clicked the link to a YouTube video of the massacre (or so the caption said) but was so scared I didn’t finish it through.

    Re mourning for ourselves, I agree with you. This isn’t the first time he has shown his indifference, his lack of an EQ. I wonder why he is so devoid of it. And the secretary too – wow, has she been infected or was it she who infected him?

  2. I read Rigoberto Tiglao’s article and hindi ko kinaya. After I clicked that link, my Facebook feed suggested a LiveLeak video of the dead and I really lost it. Sobrang sakit sa dibdib.

    He-who-must-not-be-named, meanwhile, ano kaya nararamdaman nya?

    I mourn not only for the lives lost, but also for us, for having a leader so heartless he wasn’t there when they flew home the bodies, whose excuse was that he wasn’t scheduled, whose communication secretary had the temerity to say that majority did not criticize Aquino’s absence at Villamor. He lost his way.

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