Food Finds

Back when I was a child, I’d go with my yaya to the wet market where I’d ask her to buy me a tube of plastic balloon or any toy. I guess I helped her carry whatever? I don’t really recall. But I know I did buy stuff from the market that I’d then take home to play with.

While there I’d savor the smell of raw beef especially so that each time I smell the same, I’d remember my yaya. I’d also see mounds of fuchsia ginamos that were sometimes arranged atop banana leaves. Occasionally, rather than mounds, these were perfectly shaped into cubes of varying sizes, measured with a wooden box open on one side. But I didn’t care about ginamos then (ginamos is the Ilonggo version of bagoong). My food fare was limited to chicken and pork, occasionally carabao beef. But bagoong, no. Veggies – only if I was blackmailed or coerced by my yaya. Fresh orange juice in small glasses, uggh. Milk – after I was weaned from the bottle, goodbye milk.

SO why this sudden reminiscing? I just came from bagoong heaven. No, not the resto by that name, but a bottle of bagoong. No, I didn’t finish the entire bottle, just a tbsp. Is that too much? I hope not.

Years back, a friend game us a huge bottle of bagoong. It took years to finish – it was spicy/sweet– because I’m the only one in the family who ate it. When the bottle was finally consumed, I asked friend where she got it. She thought a bit and then said – oh, the one who masw it has migrated. I was so downcast, I thought my bagoong heaven would never again be.

So I bought bottles, upon bottles of bagoong in my quest for something that would approximate what my friend had given me. I got Barrio Fiesta’s regular one and it tasted so unreal, so not like bagoong heaven.

Last Sunday, in line with my continued quest, I got a bottle from Blue Kitchen. Cooked in olive oil so rather expensive, it didn’t satisfy me.

Finally, I got a bottle that makes me want to just eat bagoong forever. From Food Bin! I saw a photo of it in their Facebook page and called for a bottle or more last week. Alas, they had run out. I extricated a promise from them to call me should their supply arrive. And I got that call two days ago, or was it yesterday?

And just so I could have it delivered (minimum for delivery is P1500) before it ran out, I got three bottles of the bagoong, two cans of Pringles white chocolate and I forget what else.

So worth it. Bagoong heaven. It’s a bit on the sweet side but not cloyingly so. If it weren’t too unhealthy, I’d eat this bagoong with every meal. Sigh.

A bottle costs P280, same price as Blue Kitchen’s. But the bottle is bigger and has chicahron bits on top. Need I write more?


A few of my classmates from high school recall my Mentos habit, okay, addiction. I also had a Halls habit, particularly before a Math contest. Without knowing these had calming effects because of the menthol content, I just resorted to them.

Last Friday when we did the groceries in S&R, I saw a pack of various flavors of Mentos. Have tried just one so far. This:

FullSizeRender (4)

How it stings. While one dragee takes effect shortly after I put it in my mouth, I have to draw in my breath as my tongue feels like it’s burning. But when one’s throat is itchy, one endures. and is rewarded. I am.


I forgot to mention above that I alternated Halls with Storck. Expectedly, when I saw this pack of candies from my goddaughter who’s based in Japan, I thought it was Japanese Storck.


It wasn’t.

The label reads “maccha” and tiramisu something. I know, I know, maccha is green tea but as I sometimes dare myself to try (almost) anything new, I got one. Initially, oops, this isn’t my cup of tea – pun not intended. But I persevered and there was light at the middle of the tunnel. Uhmmm, creamy – must be the tiramisu. And wow, there’s something hard at the center. A nut! Initially, son and I thought it was pistachio as it wasn’t tough. We were wrong. I got it from my mouth and checked – it was an almond.


So if you see this somewhere, get a bag and try it.


Forever a Nestle crunch fan, so when I saw this in S&R, though I know it’s February now this was a Christmas thingy, i got it. The wrapper looked so fresh anyway.

FullSizeRender (5)Quite huge so I’m pacing myself. And yes, the chocolate still looks and tastes brand new. Christmas in February. Yummy.


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