Odds and Ends

There’s now an elevator inside Rustan’s Shangrila. Hooray! Was looking for a watch organizer on the second floor and was told this was sold on the 4th floor. Wow, hassle, I thought, and perchance, the sales clerks sensed my frustration. One of them smiled and said, “Ma’am my elevator na dito sa loob ng Rustan’s.” I must have beamed in relief and happiness. Finally! (Other SSI stores which i know have elevators in-store are Pottery Barn in BGC and Marks & Spencer in Greenbelt. So very convenient for my ilk.


Mang Roger of Wheelmobile was super surprised, amazed, incredulous and happy when after he followed my suggestion to follow Waze’s recommendation that we take EDSA, then White Plains, then B Serrano, u-turn to FVR Road, Aurora, Katipunan, u-turn to Esteban Abada, we reached the house in 30 minutes. No traffic at all where it mattered. Thanks, Waze. You really make life so much easier.


Got my birthday present from Philosophy in Megamall. Provided one has two stamps in one’s loyalty card, one can get a birthday set that consists of a bath and shower gel and a lip gloss (or whatever the brand calls it). It’s valued at P1.3k so you can imagine how pleased I was. The girl in the store asked if I wanted to change my loyalty card to a privilege card. I did although pound for pound, if one is a heavy user of Philosophy products, it makes more sense, I think, to keep the loyalty card which gives gifts (products) after say 10 stamps (shampoo worth almost P1k) versus the 5% discount granted c/o the privilege card. Thing with the loyalty card, though, is the tendency to overbuy so one gets a freebie. And it expires in a year. Likely, my son will do some computations to determine which is better if I told him. Should I? But it’s too late to matter in my case. Might make me feel bad too if he tells me I should have kept the loyalty card instead.

My birthday present from PHilosophy:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 19.38.46

I bought the same and following for my cousin-doctor on her birthday:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 19.39.14

I have yet to buy the one below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 19.39.41

They still had Christmas packs available, I wonder how they’ll manage to sell those given that the holidays are over.

At one point, the girl opened a drawer and I caught sight of something. I asked what it was. She said a cosmetic bag for those who buy products totaling at least P5k. Don’t forget to ask for yours if you reach that goal.

I had a certificate for free facial but the one who gave it to me wasn’t yet around. I didn’t insist as the girl dealing with me was alone.


At the Sanrio store in SM Aura, son noticed this bag. The photos below are on either side of the bag.

IMG_3404 IMG_3405

He said if he were a girl, he’d get it. But then again, if he were a girl, he’d not have played Street Fighter, maybe.

Well, I’m a girl and I played Street Fighter. With him when he was in grade school and enjoyed winning, which he always did because I wasn’t a very challenging competitor. So I got the bag and will use it happily, reminiscing, recalling those days so long ago.

When husband saw the bag, he said he would use it to show his students. The bag has Street Fighter characters painted like Sanrio characters (or should it be expressed vice versa?). I still remember a few: Zagat, Dalsim. Either one of the two would stretch out both arms – which son would do whenever I’d ask him then how much he loved me.

Yes, this bag is truly special.


I haven’t been to National Bookstore for ages. So unlike the time when my son was in grade school on to high school. I bought his supplies and textbooks from NBS so often, our faces became familiar to the branch in Shang and Katipunan.

But when son was in college, I didn’t have to go any longer as he bought his own stuff.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw these in NBS Shangrila today:


The brand read “Daphne”. The small things are uniformly priced: P299. The bag was I forget – P499? P599? P699?

I wondered whom the brand was named after. Then I saw a standee:

IMG_3415 IMG_3416

Other happy surprises:

IMG_3412 IMG_3413

Crane on the left most, Jonathan Adler (I am not familiar though), Kate Spade. And bando (not familiar).

They were fixing things at NBS, the Eiffel Tower is gone. Things look more spiffy than they did the last time I went.


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