Of late there have been suicides written about in the papers, and as in the past, questions race across my mind.

One of the suicides involved a teen whom his parent said took his life, possibly after he was chided for plagiarizing someone’s work in 20% of an assignment. Is that reason enough to take one’s life? I taught English once and I had a student redo her entire theme paper which she apparently lifted from an entry in the encyclopedia. She said yes without any protest. ON hindsight, I’m glad she didn’t take her life.

Is a scolding from a school authority reason enough? Should the school, the teacher be held responsible?


A family of five is reported to have committed mass suicide. Likely the young ones were aided. Should they have been given a choice? And the adult daughter, shouldn’t she have been given a choice?


I feel very much affected by the two incidents somehow.

Life is difficult, no doubt about that. And I shouldn’t judge, I am trying not to, but I cannot help but ask questions.


This afternoon, at maybe a quarter to five, we were driving along EDSA. In front of the flyover by the EDSA Shrine, the Wheelmobile driver suddenly shook his head. I looked in the direction where his gaze had been. I saw a scruffy young man, less than 20 (maybe a lot younger) going over the railing. The driver surmised he might be out to take his life. I wondered if indeed he were, seeing how carefully he was trying to go over the railing. But if I was right, where was he headed? There seemed to be no place to go but the ground.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I call the MMDA and alert them, I wondered? But what if he knew what he was doing?

Questions, questions, questions the answers to which are not happy ones, likely.

I don’t know why I thought of this song while winding up this post.

the lyrics:

I missed him just by seconds
I missed him in the moment that it takes a door to open
all the plans that i dreamed of
all the dreams i was hoping for
was shattered by the movement of the little hand that ticks away the seconds
thats all it takes is seconds

the rain has stopped the traffic and seems my hopes where fading
nothing moves across the city
while i pray his still was waiting there
knowing that my life was running on the hand that ticks away the seconds

I got more now than seconds
I bet myself a lifetime I got all the time i needed
i sit here with this letter
nothing else to do but read it
nothing else to do but listen
while the ticking clock keeps ticking at it
left my life with nothing else no nothing else but seconds
and all the men i have met since then was seconds


do do do do do da do.

Lyrics from
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