Chorizo on My Mind

My first love, chorizo-wise, was made by “Tia Pining”, whose house in Bacolod had a balcony where hung strings upon strings of chorizo to dry them, I suppose. I preferred chorizo hamonado to recado then. I think Vir would just fry them and serve them with fried egg. Or sometimes, we’d eat the chorizo prepared as a sandwich in pan de sal. heaven.

Then one time, while in grade school, I went to play in a friend’s house in Silay. She was living with her lola who prepared the same chorizo, but shredded and sugared. Also served with fried (sunny side up) egg. Heaven.

With age came exposure to more types of chorizo but Bacolod chorizo continues to stand out, perhaps because it evokes so many happy memories? So when my best friend brought me some yesterday (her birthday present for me, yippee – though I must confess I had asked her to buy for me and I’d pay for them, but instead she gave them to me- hooray) I couldn’t wait for breakfast to come. And as though HHA had read my mind, she cooked it for breakfast. With fried egg.

My share:

FullSizeRender (1)

Son had 2.5 of the 6 pieces cooked, husband had 2, I had 1.5.

Hmmm. but from hereon in, I’ll have all the remaining ones because anyway, husband and son will not crave for the Manaloto chorizo I so long for. Oops, I haven’t said it yet but the Manaloto chorizo is the closest to Tia Pining’s version, I think. Maybe, it’s even the same if not a bit bigger? It’s not sold outside Bacolod so you’ll have to get it there.

In the picture is hamonado chorizo, they also have recado which I’ve learned to like. Do get some if you’re visiting Bacolod. Available at K-Mart.


Now to other chorizos. I”ve grown to like a few others, particularly Baguio longganiza (it’s tiny and can be obtained in the market, i think – a cousin brought me some and I cherished every bite. You can also order this from N’everything Nice in Camp John Hay the last time we were there – cooked or raw, if you call beforehand to order.) It’s sweetish and really good.

Lastly, there’s Vigan longganiza. I get mine from the cousin of a good friend. it’s a tad salty but I like it. She lives in QC, so it’s more easily obtainable from her. The friend of my son brought me some from Vigan itself and its taste approximates the one I buy from our friend’s cousin.


SO there. Ah, I remember, when I was in high school, my mother and I went to Carbon market in Cebu and got some chorizo/longganiza. Also good.


4 thoughts on “Chorizo on My Mind

      • Ah, mahirap nga i-smoke without casing. Ang tiyaga mo! Do you use smoke flavor to enhance the smokiness? Our cooking teacher sold us some before but I never used it.

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