Ordering Flowers

I’ve tried ordering flowers for delivery from larosa and it hasn’t failed me so far, even if midstream I change instructions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver outside Metro Manila. What to do?

A classmate will have surgery in Davao City, you see, and I want to send her flowers. After finding out that larosa doesn’t go beyond the metro, I decided to take a chance with islandrose, my son’s suki (favorite seller). And I found out it does deliver to Davao and the rate is similar to that for Metro Manila deliveries.

A friend had recommended Puentespina Gardens but though I tried to “penetrate” its website several times and sent at least two online messages, I didn’t hear from it.

So to islandrose. Oooh but the bouquets cost so much.

Decided to call islandrose therefore, to check if they had an all gerbera bouquet which I prefer to roses. The bouquets in its website were all combinations of gerberas with other flowers, I saw.

The girl who took my call (816 3091) was so nice. She told me to wait a bit and came back with the info that to order all gerberas, I should go to http://www.flowersexpress.com.ph

True enough, said site has all-gerberas bouquets and these are reasonably priced. It even has all mums bouquets.

And it delivers to Davao City.

So I now await proof of efficiency. Remember, the proof of the pudding?

This was the bouquet I chose:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.14.06

Oh, just checked out the roses and they look nice as well and aren’t that expensive.

Next time.


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