And I haven’t even left my bed, so why? Phone calls galore with not too pleasant results.

a. A friend is having surgery in Davao. I was raving about flowersexpress.com.ph for offering flowers that are reasonably priced. I ordered on 9 Feb for delivery on 12 Feb. Last night I sent a PM through Facebook to check if the flowers had been delivered. The exchange:

  • Hello. I’d just like to know the status of my order: Order Confirmation Order #19439 Placed: 02/09/2015 23:06:07 EST Status: Pending

    Scheduled delivery is today, in Davao.

  • Today
  • Flowers Express

    Flowers Express

    Hi Mary,

    We are now encoding/processing orders. Please wait for the email confirmation.

    We are receiving high volume of orders so please bare with us.

    Thank you very much.

  • Mary An Kilayko Gonzalez


    My concern is that I hope the flowers get to her before she checks out of the hospital

  • Flowers Express

    Flowers Express

    Our courier transit time is from 11am to 5pm daily. This may sometimes extend to 7pm if there massive deliveries. Please be reminded that we cannot be time specific on the deliveries of our order as our outsourced courier follows an optimal route to ensure the delivery of the package within the date requested.

    Rest assured that ISlandrose will take full responsibility on the delivery of your order on the date that you have specified.

    We hope this has enlightened you and we are looking forward for your kind understanding.

  • Flowers Express

    Flowers Express

    Rest assured that FLOWERSEXPRESS will take full responsibility on the delivery of your order on the date that you have specified.

    We hope this has enlightened you and we are looking forward for your kind understanding.

  • Mary An Kilayko Gonzalez



    Thank you

  • Flowers Express

    Flowers Express

    You are welcome.

    I thought she was telling the truth: “Rest assured that FLOWERSEXPRESS will take full responsibility on the delivery of your order on the date that you have specified.”

    Today, I called Flower Express (8163091 same number as Island Rose). I talked with Stef. She said they haven’t yet delivered because they didn’t know which clinic to deliver to. I suggested they should have gone to information and asked in which room number my friend is. But Stef said it’s not how they do things.

    Another issue I had: if they were unable to deliver yesterday, why wasn’t I informed? IF I had not called to follow up, what would they do? What were they doing?


    So I don’t know what will happen to those flowers.

    Never again, island Rose. last year, my son was in HK for a month. He ordered flowers for me online and kept asking if I received them. I said no. Imagine, I, the recipient had to call Island Rose to follow up flowers for me which weren’t delivered on the day they should have.

    I should have known better than to order from them. But see, LAROSA has no branch outside Metro Manila. And I couldn’t reach Puentespina which never replied to my PMs.

    Hay PIlipinas.

    BREAKING NEWS: the flowers were finally delivered at 2:43 pm on 13 Feb 2015. Late by a day, but at least…

    b) Toby’s Shangrila.

    Last Sunday, husband went to Toby’s in SM Aura. He wasn’t too pleased with the way they treated him, rather indifferently. Nonetheless, he told them what he needed – a pedal for the stepper. They said they’d call in 3 to 5 days.

    Monday, I went to Toby’s in Shang. I was greeted nicely, so I ordered the pedal. I was told I could pick it up in three days. I was impressed.

    Tuesday,I got a call from Jun of Toby’s SM Aura. The pedal was available, did my husband want to order? Please call me, he said, as I couldn’t decide, given my order in Shang.

    Friday, I decided to call Toby’s Shang. Nothing had been done. Believe it or not. I was so disgusted, of course.

    I then called SM Aura. Not Jun’s schedule to be there yet, but the girl who took my call said there was a pedal there!!! SO Jun had gotten my husband one.

    Okay, moral lesson: don’t judge a book by it’s cover; or don’t judge my brother, he’s not a book. Is that you, Melanie?

    Expressions of tentativeness et al.:

    a) At Flowers Express: When I asked Stef re the flowers’ status, she said, “Try ko lang i-check.” I saw red. I said, “Try mo lang? Hindi mo gagawin?

    b) Fully Booked – There were two Moleskine’s available. Both Star Wars, one priced at P999, the other at P1140. The cheaper one had a minor flaw, I was told. What about the more expensive one, I asked? Guess what the clerk said? “Medyo bago”. I said, “medyo?” He apologized: “Ay, sorry ma’am. Bago.”


    All these irritants were phone-based.

    I’m dying.

    From exhaustion.

    So I burned the custard I was supposed to put in the choco cake a nephew ordered for his girlfriend. Luckily I had ingredients for a new batch, medyo new. Just kidding re the medyo.

    Post Script to Flower Express:

    I wanted to say “thank you” for finally delivering the flowers. SO I opened our conversation in FB. Look at what I found:

    Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 14.59.43

    At 1:35, I replied specifying the room number which the recipient of the flowers gave me, hence killing the surprise. How do I know? She texted a common friend and asked if I sent flowers.

    FE then responded after I gave the room number:

    Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 15.00.01

    Check the fine/faint print: “You cannot reply to this conversation.”


    So there, I cannot tell them that notwithstanding all that transpired, I want to thank them for giving my friend a modicum of joy upon receiving the flowers (though this was no longer a surprise.) She texted:


    I’m almost sure they texted her, which was why she knew flowers were coming before she even received them.

    No element of surprise. Oh well. In this day and age, I guess nothing is sacrosanct.


    FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

    The flowers shown in the website:

    Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.14.06

    Oh well…

    But the delivered flowers are hardly the type that can provide cheer.


    Recipient sent another photo as I expressed dismay:

    FullSizeRender (1)

    The yellows and oranges don’t look too bad. They should not have included the whites. Supposed to number a dozen. Do they look like they are? I  dread to ask.


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