Wikipedia defines jinx as… doing a YES magazine here? Nah. Look it up yourself. Though, who doesn’t know what a jinx is?

Years back, I had a friend who thought she was a jinx. A number of restos she had been too closed down, so I teased her not to go to my favorites, lest they close down too. One did, The Barn of Ronnie and Mariz Ricketts. But a few others haven’t – TOSH, Ninyo, and then some.

The reason I write about jinx now is that a nephew ordered a chocolate cake from me for his girlfriend. Years back, a niece did the same and they broke off. So, when one nephew ordered the same cake, I was apprehensive. Might my cake be a jinx? Might they break up as a result? But nah… they got married. And I never told them of my suspicion.

Hopefully, this latest order by a nephew will not lead to a break up. No, I’m not saying it’s my cake that led to the first breakup, but then … who knows?

As nephew told me of his wish to order last week, I managed to think of ways to make the cake special. Last Monday, I got some M&Ms, pink and red Tic Tacs, Wilton cupcakes with heart flags that had XOXO printed on them, etc. Something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 20.26.47

Tic Tacs: Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 20.27.57

Sugar-coated marshmallow lollipops shaped into bears and hearts from National Bookstore too. I’ll take a photo tomorrow. But these were put in a long skewer (straw) that was a bit unsteady, so I think it should be outside the cake box rather than on the cake lest it tumble. Plus the box would have to be so high.


Alas and alack, a good number of the accoutrements for the Valentine’s cake cannot be used after all.

To wit:

Tic Tac – son advised against it. It’s tough, he said and people might unknowingly bite into them and…

The M&Ms – their colors run; to illustrate:


Messy, right? No, that’s not the cake for the girlfriend, I made another for the house and experimented on which decor would be okay to use.

Here’s the cake for the house with other decor:


The huge pieces are Trader Joe’s peppermint pretzels. The pieces inside the bag I got from The Food Bin were largely deformed, hardly presentable though they tasted quite good. I cannot use these for the cake therefore. My saving grace? The red, pink and white sprinkles bought from Cook’s Exchange some time back, shaped into hearts to boot. I’ve never used them, just found them cute, so I bought them.

Ergo, that’s how the cake will have to be when nephew picks it up: the sprinkles atop white Toblerone that I’ll put shavings of on top of the cake. I think, okay, I hope the Toblerone will not disappoint.

If I’m not feeling harassed and I feel good about the decorated cake, I shall take its picture and post it here. If I don’t, one of the reasons cited will be responsible, no doubt.

Moral lesson: don’t put M&Ms on chocolate icing that has butter in it.


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