Valentine’s cake

I made a chocolate cake for nephew. Yesterday you saw the one I prepared for us, atop which I put M&Ms, pretzels and heart sprinkles to check which would hold.

This noon, I decorated the other cake for nephew. This is how it looked initially:


The white things are shaved toblerone white. The red and pink things are heart sprinkles from Cooks Exchange. And the bigger hearts are from Gourdo’s in Shangrila. They’re packed with cupcake paper.

It looks messy, right? That’s why I didn’t show the bottom.

I was going to give that to nephew as is, and put the marshmallow lollipop I got from National Bookstore outside the box, but HHA suggested, why not remove the hearts and bears from the lollipop stick and let them stand or lie down on the cake, sans the lollipop stick?

Ah, I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea as they might drip. But HHA said they won’t. Then it occurred to me to remove one of the hearts and cut the stick up after spacing the remaining heart and two bears so each would have like a lollipop stick jutting out underneath. In so doing, each would not have to be stood on the cake without any support, but with a lollipop stick still.

The final product:


Look, still messy with the hearts and everything else not evenly propped up, spacing wise. Uggh. Imagine Pollock did the cake, okay? Pollock who did such art work as these ones:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 13.31.21

Okay, let’s enlarge one of them:
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 13.32.38

Get it? Beautiful mess? No, that’s Jason Mraz’s song. Creative mess then.

Luckily for nephew, years back, another sister gave me this beautiful napkin (one of a pack) as she knows I use it  atop boxes for cake orders or presents. Ergo, the cake box looks spiffy. HHA it was who tied the ribbon. Had I been the one, it would have appeared like another of Pollock’s creations.


Just in case you’re curious, here’s Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess:

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