Valentine’s Day

It’s an ordinary day for old fogeys like me. Husband said he wanted to buy flowers in the corner flower shop but was deterred by the millions of men in motorcycles with boxes behind them. To contain the flowers, I guess. And they were waiting for more.

Breakfast was Angus beef tapa from Blue Kitchen which had some tough cuts. Arrgh.

Now the lunch. Last night, son said Ginza Barin food from UP Town Center. Old fogeys like husband and me don’t budge from home on Valentine’s Day. We detest traffic to begin with and then getting a table and having to wait so long for food to be served. But guess what, when I checked waze around noon, from our part of the world to Power Plant would take just 30 minutes. Never mind, Power Plant will still be there tomorrow.

Ah yes, lunch. GB opens at 11, son  had to leave at 12 noon. What to do? I asked HHA to get some pork chops and other ingredients for tonkatsu from Rustan’s. Plus cabbage too, of course, so it would seem like we were in GB. The bill from Rustan’s:


So cheap, right? Of course that’s not counting the cooking oil, sesame dressing, Bulldog sauce, and other small items that go with having a tonkatsu meal. Rice also. But still.

Then while waiting for HHA to finish preparing lunch, I had a eureka moment. I wanted some soup. Asked son if tom yum would match. He said no. Why tom yum? I have some shrimps and tom yum packets here. Ah another eureka moment. Yesterday, while looking at some of the stuff in the pantry, I noticed a tub of soy bean paste son had bought on a trip to the Korean grocery store in Makati. I saw a recipe in a small strip of paper on one side that I had told HHA she could cook one of these days. Well today, was the one of these days, except that as HHA was too busy preparing the tonkatsu and it was past 11 already, I told HHB to do the soup. So simple:

4 cups water, tofu, 4 tbsp of the bean paste, any green leaf, okay leafy veggie. The latter I wasn’t sure I had. Grocery stash to the rescue. Some time back, we went to an 88 store, I think, the one that sells everything in the store for 88 pesos per. Or was it that store? At any rate, I remember son’s getting some dry seaweed snack. Here it is, and beside it the soy bean paste:

IMG_3461 IMG_3462

Ha, I forgot to take a photo of the finished product but it was quite good. HHB said she boiled the water really hard so the tofu would soften. She is so passionate in everything she does. Reminds me of this word from the book Lost in Translation:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 13.17.25

And to add some kick to the soup, son put in some of this (I don’t know from which bottle though), also bought from the 88 store.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 13.20.15

Do try making the soup. It’s such a quick one to make.


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