Oh happy day

One, I renewed my TIME subscription. I’m funny that way, instead of automatic renewal, I renew on a yearly basis for the simple reason that I like getting a gift from TIME. Years back, I’d always chose whatever bag was offered. At one point, for a certain subscription, I even spent on the Wheelmobile just so I could claim the same in the post office. I paid P35 to boot. Lo and behold, the quality of that bag was so not worth it, I decided no more bags for me. And so it has been books I’d choose each time. The book I got just now is this one:

IMG_3488Included in the book are the likes of CInderella, Harry Potter, Scarlet O’Hara, Atticus Finch (did you hear, a prequel of TO Kill a Mockingbird in book form will be released?), etc. Interesting. And that’s on top of the  hard copy of 54 issues of time and all-access via my iPad. More often than not I read TIME in it so I can enlarge the font. And take note the format includes audio and video features. Nice. So I guess, I’m hooked. I don’t subscribe to any other magazine though sometimes I wish I could afford a subscription to The Economist for husband. But so expensive at P11k annually. The print edition in stores costs P300 plus. Once I bought magazines and was surprised by the amount I had to pay total. WHen I looked, that was when I realized how expensive The Economist is.

The second reason I say this is a happy day is HHB’s thoughtfulness. She bout ginat-an for herself, HHA and me from the ambulant vendor.


It could stand more sugar, actually. I’m just glad it doesn’t have langka.

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