Furniture Shopping

I have been a fan of Philux ever since I ordered a bed for son’s room back when he was in high school. That would be some12 years ago, more or less. Since that time, we’d always drop by its branches, never mind if there was no particular reason to do so.

Then in 2010 when we had a lanai built for son’s guitars and music stuff and practices and we decided to transfer the gallineras from the sala to the lanai, we bought one sofa and solo seat from Philux again, a sala table as well.

As I said, we go to Philux for no particular reason and on one visit, I fell in love with this chest:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 13.08.05

I’ve been visiting it since and longing to get it. And yesterday, I decided to jump the gun and get it along with this sofa bed:


It’s not a pullout sofa bed but has the dimensions of a single bed. The pillows (Pillow)  behind were optional but as the interior designer with us pointed out, better to get them as poor fellows who watch TV while seated on the sofa without them. Price difference was around P4k. And guess what, instead of the beige upholstery, she suggested getting this color:


so the sofa bed and chest would match. Ergo black and natural brown combination. There’s nothing like having an expert to guide one, apparently.

Thanks, Marissa!

Note that ordering in Philux is a test of patience – 30 days minimum before the goods are delivered.

Another: payment in full upon ordering is required. One can pay in installments (3-months for BPI).

Still another: if you  want to have your stuff reupholstered, they can do it for a fee, of course.

And finally, they can repaint your sofa if it has nicks. This will have to be pulled out, however.

Great after-sales service, Marissa congratulated the person attending to us.


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