Lying comes so easy

to HHB

a. weeks back, I asked for son’s comforter to be changed. she brought in one. It wasn’t in a plastic bag of the dry cleaner’s. She said said bag had become torn so she transferred it to a garbage bag. I was skeptical. I smelled the dry cleaned comforter. It didn’t smell like it had come from the dry cleaner’s. In fact, it smelled like one I’d have dry cleaned. She said it was because the comforter was dry cleaned months back. I was dissatisfied with her answer. I know a dry cleaned comforter’s scent doesn’t change until used. Husband was in the room then; he was angry. He told her himself that it hadn’t been dry cleaned. I just hope I didn’t pay for that.

to HHA

b. I asked her to look for the black sesame seeds so that when she cooks dinner tonight, she won’t need to spend time looking for it. She said I had never ever bought black sesame seeds. But I was sure I had because in fact, I had asked son to get me a small mortar and pestle like the one in Yabu when he went to Japan last Christmas. She was adamant, I was too. So she had to look for it. I told her to ask HHB who said we never bought black sesame seeds.

After looking at cabinets and storage boxes, she found it in the refrigerator. Vindication for me. I’m not as senile as they think.

Months back too, I remember excitedly telling son that I got lemon pepper for him. When I told HHB and HHA to look for it, they said I hadn’t bought any. When son came home, I asked if he’d seen it. He got it easily. It was on top of the microwave oven.

Is lying no longer a sin?

Or have people forgotten that it is?


2 thoughts on “Lying comes so easy

  1. Napapailing na lang ako sa HHs mo.
    In moments of weakness, I ask TheHusband to look for another helper, pero when I think about the headaches they’re gonna bring parang nagbabago isip ko.

    • My sister always tells me to just make agwanta (tiis), better than nothing she reminds me. I know and I agree, but i need to vent lest I turn crazy. Arrrrrggggh. Each day I pray for patience.

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