Shangrila Mall Feb 22, 2015

It was an unusual Sunday for us yesterday in that we had lunch at home and left at 5 for Shang. Reason: a jazz concert by AYJO, or that Asian Youth Jazz Orchestra  scheduled to perform at 6 pm.

We parked in the old parking building along EDSA and rode the elevator to Level 5 so we could get to the East Wing where son said the performance would be. He had seen it in some poster on Saturday. Inside the elevator at EW, we asked the elevator girl where the concert would be, to be sure. She said second floor of the old Shang. Oops.

As we were the only ones in the elevator, I asked if we could wait as son took a peek in the EW’s second floor to check if there were preparations for the concert. True enough, there were. Apparently, the elevator girl was misinformed. Almost all the seats were taken in the concert venue by then, the concert was free. When I asked the reception area which was distributing various flyers how long the performance would be, she said it would end at 8. Oh my poor tummy, I thought.

Son wanted to stay outside the cordoned area, he felt claustrophobic, he said, as the seats were arranged very close to each other. I told him he could step out, his father and I would stay within the cordoned area so his father could sit. Later, son noticed there were seats on the third floor. He proceeded there and texted that there were still seats available up where he was, so husband and I rode the elevator again, this time to the third floor.

For curiosity’s sake, I asked the elevator girl, a different one from the last, where the concert would be. She said, “Concert?” Uh-oh, these ladies weren’t informed at all. Shangrila management, please tell your elevator girls what’s happening and where?

At any rate, husband and I sat near son. As the concert began, son decided to go down again; he didn’t like the sound quality on the third floor and on the second floor, positioned himself near the speakers. Meanwhile, husband left me so he could take pictures, while still staying on the third floor.

At one point, Sen. Frank Drilon and his wife were close by; I motioned for him to take the seat to my left as there was still an extra chair beside me. He said thank you in his baritone voice but remained standing. They didn’t stay long, however. As they walked away, I saw them HHWW (holding hands while walking). Sweet. I think there was one bodyguard in blue, holding an envelope, trailing them.

Later, husband went down to take more pictures so son came up again. Then he said for us to just watch the concert on the second floor and thus we did.

IMG_3506 IMG_3507 IMG_3508 IMG_3509

By 7:30, AYJO finished.  Raoul and the Wild Tortillas (that’s him in the white long-sleeved shirt) then set up their instruments. R is a singing diplomat. Their setting up of instruments took a while so that by 7:48, they were just about to start.

We were famished  by then and left after hearing a few lines of his song, one which he himself had composed. Had the concert begun at 5:30 and ended at 7:30 or earlier, we’d have watched it through.


From the east wing, we proceeded to the sixth floor of the old wing to try out Teddy’s burger near Starbucks. Son loved it, husband was silent, it was okay. I still prefer 8 Cuts burger, though.

The decor is playful, reminiscent of Bubba Gump, etc.

IMG_3510 IMG_3511

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