Last week, husband was teasing son that he’d have no work again on Feb 25 which had been declared a SPECIAL HOLIDAY in commemoration of the People Power revolution. Son promptly looked up what a “special holiday” implied and realized it didn’t cover office workers, just schools. He expressed envy at how often husband was off work, while husband said we (he and I) could go out as he was free.

Saturday, I was out, Sunday I was out, Tuesday I was out. I told husband I didn’t want to overdo things so my pressure sore would continue to get better. I think he was initially disappointed as he wanted to go to Makati. Then he remembered the blue school had a volleyball game at 2 pm that would be televised. Hmmm, usually sports on TV rule – we forsake going out in deference to sports (it used to be cartoons when son was younger), particularly collegiate sports. So there. Things somehow worked out.

In the morning, a friend who lives in Corinthian Gardens posted on FB that he was trapped in the sense that roads around the subdivision through which he could leave it to go to work were closed. But I think he found a way, eventually.

By night time, the stars confirmed it was good we hadn’t gone out. The meme I found particularly funny was this one:


If you watched Interstellar, you’ll appreciate why. If you didn’t, allow me to explain why: an hour out in space in another planet was equivalent to 7 years on earth. Here’s a scientific explanation I found in the Internet. No, I didn’t read it myself as it’s too scholarly for me. But you get the drift.

Someone mentioned in FB that her husband’s trip from MOA to Corinthian took 4 hours; ergo that’s 28 years Interstellar-wise.

So funny.

And TheProfessional Heckler’s FB posts got the situation down pat. Trust him to do that:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 06.48.16


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