Being in a wheelchair

doesn’t mean losing all one’s faculties/ or being devoid of brains necessarily.

I guess  the girl in the bank where I went to today has never heard of Stephen Hawking.

See, I was getting a gift sent through Western Union and the bank processes such. She had a form she handed to me. I asked, do I just sign or fill up the rest also? Di ba in some institutions like my favorite bank, the account officer sometimes says, “Sign niyo na lang ma’am, ako na mag-fifill-up” – a service to the client because bank forms are such a bore. Well, this girl in the bank said, “kung di niyo kaya, siya na lang,” pointing to HHB. Earlier, she said something similar too. Well, the second time demanded a clarification: I said kaya ko sumulat.

How insulting, right?

How I wish the HR department of all companies taught their personnel some GMRC. Some lessons in empathy too. And also expose them to PWDs who aren’t only capable but are GENIUSES like Stephen Hawking. He is in a wheelchair but his IQ is anything but low.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 15.15.46


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