People who use weighing scales to sell

– I am not a novice when it comes to weighing scales in markets. Even as a kid, I’d go to market with my yaya or mother.

Then later, as a college student, I’d go to market with my mother and the HH then around, Raquel. In Farmers’ Market. That time claims were that the weighing scales were not accurate.

And today, I had proof.

I went to the bank nearby and saw this young man who sells mangoes. He was telling me to buy all – he said 7 kilos. I said I can’t eat all those. He said he’d charge me for 6i.5 kilos only, when I said too much. Then he said 6 kilos. I said no.

As I had no money with me, we left him at the gate and told him to wait for HHB. Gave her P200 for 1.5 kilos, ergo change would be P5. He said to her P200 lahat. When we checked in our weighing scale, he was gone by then, 1.3 kilos only.



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