Is that what the world is trying to tell me? TO repent? To atone for my sins? It’s 10 hours since my birthday “began”. I’ve received three religious items: a picture of the Sto. Nino, an image of the sleeping St. Joseph, and a huge crucifix!


FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

Or maybe I’ll have a new house where I can hang the first and the third? St. Joseph is sleeping soundly beside my laptop and it’s a great feeling.

Update: Uncanny. I received two more from one person:


So I guess it’s not a new house I’ll be having because the last two items are small.

World, pray tell…


4 thoughts on “Makasalanan?

  1. I love that sleeping image of St. Joseph, I wonder where I could buy one. I remember Pope Francis every time I see that lovely image. Enjoy your birthday Mary An 🙂

    • That particular one excited me because a friend said some weeks back, she’ll ask for a quotation for it from a santo-maker. No feedback yet, then this. I was so happy to get it. The friend who gave it to me said a priest sold it to her. Thanks, Arlene.

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