What apology?

In December 2014, I wrote about my being barred from entering Duty Free PHilippines in Resorts World Manila. A subsequent post was this one

A sister of mine wrote the PHilippine Inquirer and a columnist in PHilippine Star about it, but only PDI picked up the story and wrote about it in this article.

We wouldn’t have known that PDI did if a priest-friend who called me on my birthday yesterday had not mentioned it. I promptly googled and found said article.


I would like to clarify that I never received a letter of apology from DFP, nor a call. Sure, they answered my PMs to them in Facebook and last January 8 they sent a PM asking for my email and contact numbers which I gave.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 17.46.41

I gave both in reply to the above. Then I asked why they wanted it. The reply:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 17.46.52After this, silence, no email, no call, no manager getting in touch with me


After reading the article in PDI, I sent a PM to DFP  in FB at 5:43 pm.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 06.02.10

I also attached the link to the article – screen caps follow:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 06.02.32


At 5:48, I got this text message:

They had my number all along.

She called and we were able to talk a little but the signal was spotty.


Ms. Fernandez asked for my land line and I gave it. She finally got through and I asked what her position was in DFP. She said she was Customer Relations Manager. According to her, she got the file on my issue on 24 February.

I pointed out that the PDI article came out 18 February where it was stated that DFP had apologized and explained matters to me. I told her that was a lie I wanted explained. I pointed out how they were lying to everyone who read the article. She asked if she could come today so we could talk. I asked, “What for?” She also asked if she could call again today. According to her, Detoyato’s mother (or some relative) had passed away – I don’t know what that had to do with my issue. She also said that it was Dennis something in DFP Philippines who had issued the rule not to let PWDs in wheelchairs come in. Then she mentioned that someone was in Mindoro. I again asked her what’s the relevance of that to my case?

My point was, they said to DTI that they had apologized and explained everything to me when in fact they hadn’t. I wanted to know why they lied to DTI.

Ms. Fernandez said she was going to ask Mr. Detoyato now (while we were talking). I said – is he still around? It was a little past 6 pm then. She said she would check. I said – see, you’re saying you’d ask him now, and now you say you’ll check? I felt like I was being spun around a maze of lies, excuses, PR lines, rigmarole.

She asked if she could call after talking to Detoyato. I said no, it was my birthday and I was leaving.

She said, “Ay birthday mo pala ma’am, happy birthday. Sana naayos to bago kayo nag birthday”. Etc., etc., etc.


But all is not lost with the government, I realized. DTI is apparently doing its job. Except that it should be discerning where unearthing the truth is concerned. They could have called me to ask if I had been apologized to, for one.

And as for media, I am glad the Inquirer has this consumer line that takes up the cause of the FIlipino consumer.

To DTI and Inquirer, I say thank you and pray that they keep up the good work.

To Duty Free Philippines … you’ve heard what I had to say; I wish you would be honest so that you would make more sense and that you would train your people better.


5 thoughts on “What apology?

  1. It’s so frustrating how they’re compounding the problem with another problem (lying) and yet another problem (palusot). I am sorry for urging you to complain, parang nakaka-aggravate lang lalo yung nangyari.

    • Not at all; it’s a case of if I didn’t do it, I’d not have to deal with the aftermath I am doing so now, but my conscience would bother me for not standing up (pun unintended) for the rights of PWDs. I’m doing little or nothing as it is, so the experience provided an opportunity. The priest friend who told me about having read the article said “It’s good to assert yourself sometimes.” wait did he say “sometimes”?

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