A Few Odds and Ends

We were in the intersection of University Avenue and Commonwealth when husband who was driving said, “SI Captain America!” True enough there was this man, standing still, in a Captain America costume. One wonders what that was all about. Any idea?


The trip to the Twin Hearts chapel in West Triangle wasn’t as long as I feared. Maybe 30 minutes at around 6 pm. Not bad. Had I known, I’d have asked to go to the wake of a good friend’s brother after dinner at Ninyo last Thursday. But I didn’t because besides, late night “outings” on a weekday I try to avoid for the sake of the working men – I’d rather they rest at home as early as possible so they won’t be stressed out leaving early for work the next day.

At the wake we went to, my desire to have my two men well rested on a work day was substantiated. The deceased had had a late night at home, seeing to a few things prior to a team building activity out of town where he joined several events – zipline, swimming, etc. He was younger than us by a year. Sigh, Such a good man and gone too soon. I cried for the wife and sons, the mom and brothers, in the process resurrecting my stye in the eye. I saw that when I got home and a dark red spot on my nose, a pimple dried up, the blood coagulated. And there was this photographer taking shots. At one point, a sibling of the deceased whom I was talking to called out to the photographer and asked, “Are you taking my picture? Don’t.”

I think cameras should not be around at wakes and funerals. What for? To remind the family of a sad event? Just now, in FB, I saw a friend and a few others, posing beside the urn of someone. Sigh.

But that’s just me; sorry if you believe otherwise.

Note: the chapel where our friend’s brother lay in state could be accessed after negotiating 7 steps. When his son saw us, his first words were, “Sorry, may stairs.” How thoughtful, right? A man standing nearby, without being bade to do so, came to help lift me up the stairs along with the son of the deceased. Going down hours later, four men assisted, one of them in office get-up. When people are so helpful, one is reassured the world isn’t so bad.



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