A different destination

After the funeral mass and interment of a good friend’s brother,  we headed off for Greenhills to have lunch in Kimpura. But it wasn’t to be as husband was deterred by the long line of cars leading to the parking buildings. Son brought up Capital Commons to to CC we went.

I was hungry by then and thirsty too. The restos on the lower ground were all filled. Son was excited to see Coco Ichixxx (I can’t recall) as it was in a similar resto where he’d had his meals while in Kyoto because one, he loves curry; and two, food was cheap.

Coco was itself full; we were #4 in the waiting list but the lady gave us this  square thing that lights up and vibrates when a table is ready. While waiting we went to Jipan to get some bread and check if a table were available. None, so we just got bread. Moving further, a friend eating in another resto stopped us on our tracks and we chatted a bit. Then we moved on in search of yet another resto. There was one that was empty except for one occupied table. I was excited when son said it was a Korean resto. As we werenearing it, a man said it wasn’t yet open, dry run pa lang, so we wandered about.

There were several tables and  booths of handicraft kits around and we stopped by one which offers lessons in Makati. Sorry I didn’t bother to memorize its name as Makati is not an option for lessons for me. Too far.

DMC had a table too where they had x-stitch kits and string on nails kits, among others. we followed son in Digital Walker but he was no longer there and was looking for us. We went inside Toys r us where I checked out a present for son’s former guitar teacher’s daughter. I saw a Dora doll with a guitar and was thinking of getting it but wasn’t in the mood to shop, somehow. I was hungry and thirsty.

After some more waiting, the contraption lit up and off we went to Coco. Everything has curry, mind you, and while a previous server assured me the curry sauce could be served on the side, the girl who finally attended to us seemed tentative. I was flummoxed. Did I have to eat curry? She hesitantly said she could ask that the sauce be served separately from the creamed croquettes I ordered. Son suggested the croquettes which he had tried in Japan. Very creamy, he said.

I asked for the smallest serving of rice to go with the croquettes.

Our orders took a little while: husband ordered pork cutlets with veggies, son ordered chicken I think. I liked my croquettes which I shared with the two. I wasn’t sure I was feeling well enough to binge. Nalipasan ng gutom and dehydrated, I guess. The rice was bright and sticky, I asked that it be wrapped for takeout. You should have seen the look of incredulity in the waiter’s eyes. He asked if I wanted the curry sauce wrapped too (the croquettes had been consumed), I said no. He likely couldn’t understand why I asked for the rice to be wrapped. Anyway…

When lunch was done, I asked if husband and son wanted dessert. Son said let’s go outside and check- there might be some place good for dessert. I’d have ordered the 3-flavored ice cream had we stayed on at COco.

But  instead we saw Cara Mia which serves good ice cream. I had the espresso. And take note, they have a serving smaller than a dixie cup; all three of us ordered ice cream that size. CM also has ice cream cakes which looked very enticing. They can be ordered for delivery c/o City Delivery but I think there are distance restrictions for obvious reasons.

While at CM, I glanced upward and saw M&S. Hooray. So we went but I got nothing. Then we went to Lacoste where I saw a tote bag. Thought of giving it to a friend but the price made me balk. I got a cosmetic bag of the same design.

I can’t recall what level we found it in but we went inside a Le Sportsac store where some items were being sold at discounted prices. I saw a bag design (Cats) I thought I should have gotten instead for my friend because it was so cute. I think it was being sold at 20% off. IF we go back there and they still have it available, I have a good mine to get it for myself; joke, I shouldn’t. Maybe for a friend.

There was a shoe store that sold MBT footwear. Notice anything? Of course you do.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 07.52.25

When we asked the sales clerk what the science is behind the design, she couldn’t answer us. Found this rather strange coming from an SSI store person. I was tempted to tell her to ask her bosses to explain to her so she could explain it to customers but I was so depleted of energy we went home soon after.

Two tablets of Tempra Forte and I”m okay now.

Must have been the noonday heat and my hunger.

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