BInagoongang Baboy

I have been having this umay feeling from eating out and this bloated feeling from late meals following attendance to social obligations that meant postponing dinner and then lunch way past their normal schedules. My early lunch of chorizo sandwich was self-inflicted and it left me hungry at around 4 pm but I didn’t know what to eat either. Then I remembered my mango and chicharon bagoong and ate that. Felt a little better. Then I asked HHA to make me try the binagoongang baboy I had her prepare for dinner using the Blue Kitchen bagoong.

Okay let me back track a little; one reason I had mango to alleviate my hunger was so I could decide whether I could use the BK bagoong for the dish. I couldn’t quite place the taste it conveyed: it was not salty, neither sweet nor spicy. But I felt, using the bagoong from Food BIn would be sayang because it’s too good to be used along with so many ingredients when it can stand on its  own.

So which recipe did I use? Earlier today, I read a blog post of Kris on Herbert, a link to which I found in Facebook. That done, I thought of checking out here blog and the first recipe I saw was binagoongang baboy. Plus there was a video to boot. I immediately called HHA who complained there were too many steps and ingredients. So I had her watch it twice. I’m not sure she got everything down pat, but when I asked to try what she made, wow, wow, wow!   I said not to serve anything for dinner other than that and macaroni salad.

I should grab a bottle of Coke or Sprite to enjoy the dish better. I’m almost sure husband will drink beer with the dish. Pity son is not around, though truth to tell, I had HHA   prepare the dish now rather than tomorrow because son doesn’t like to eat pork most of the time. Their generation is health conscious, more so than mine.

Promise, I’ll try to take a picture of the dish before we attack. Meantime, here’s a link to the recipe. I’m glad I found it. I am grateful to Krisy for sharing.


Looks like callos? That’s binagoongang baboy, promise. HHA made it a bit too spicy; but that’s easily remedied. More rice. Joke, less chili next time.

And here’s what I paired with it in addition to rice:


The better to burp with after. P10 mismo. Cute, right?

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