Yesterday, husband expressed alarm over the proximity of the structure being put up by our back neighbor. He took pictures, one of them this:


That’s our unkempt wall and behind it the structure.

Here’s the other photo he took:


I also became alarmed.

Today I was thinking about what I could do.

Should I complain? But would such be justified? I thought of reasons not to do so: townhouses are attached to each other, so are buildings. Was this any different?

Then a Eureka! moment. I decided to consult an architect, the son of my kuya of sorts. Sent him a PM in Facebook and the above pictures. He initially quoted building and structural laws and then asked for my land line, saying he had feedback.

Bottom line, the proximity wasn’t a problem provided they wouldn’t build on our wall. We should watch out, though, he said, that their beams are not too far apart from each other.

It felt so good to be thus reassured.

This architect’s dad and our family (my parents and sister) go back a long way. I think I was in grade school back in the sixties when I first met the dad; he was a varsity basketball player of my father’s alma mater, ergo my father was asked to help host and he was forever assigned to us, or maybe we asked for him, or he, us. Because his companions weren’t always the same, but he was a constant. And like the only one of the 10 lepers who came back to say thank you in various ways, he has been coming back or at least been around for the family, particularly me. I  would consult him on any bank-related issues in the past for the family; he quietly wrote “Don’t worry, be happy” on his wedding gift for us; he became bank VP but I didn’t treat him any differently from when he was a fresh recruit. And he didn’t seem to mind. And the friendship has gone beyond him and us, to include his son and daughter, and hopefully my son. But the direction has mostly been from him to us; eventually I hope life will give us an opportunity to give back.

I am grateful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 20.18.08

Wow, this is my second post today expressing gratitude.


8 thoughts on “Relieved

  1. Be careful with your rooftop. Pag nagbuhos yan, it would be a mess, dapat may cover yang side mo kasi diyan babagsak mga debris sa side mo. Two summers ago, I had a problem with a neighbor, magkadikit firewall namin then they constructed a second floor but it was super tipid. walang biga, basta hollow blocks all over. Natalsikan ang bubong namin, as in tumigas yung cement, kaya nagpapintura din ako at nilinis nung pintor yung bubong. Every time may bagyo, I am still afraid of the structure, baka biglang bumagsak. I even went to the engineering office of Cainta to complain kasi mukhang walang plano at permit. May nagpunta naman pero around that time tigil na yung construction so di nila sinita. I had their hanging coco lumber (on my side) removed last week. Grabe, marupok na pero di nila tinanggal.

    • Hi Arlene. Thanks so much for the suggestion. What kind of cover should I get? Kainis some neighbors, no? The roof is always something I worry about too during typhoons! Or when a branch or anything falls on it from one of three neighbors: two sides and back. Luckily neighbor in front doesn’t have trees.

      • Dapat kasi sila ang nag co-cover niyan eh pag asintada na, yung neighbor namin, di man lang nagpaalam, one time pinatanggal ko yung pinako ng mga workers nilang anchor na kahoy sa bahay nung water tank namin, as in binantayan ko sila talaga. Mahal kasi magpa replace ng roof eh. tapos ngayon di ba ang ninipis na nung mga lumalabas na roofing materials.

        Either plywood nilalagay nila sa roof mo or yung tent (tulda) just so the debris would not destroy your roof.

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