A Funny Thing Happened Today

Someone I got to know through work sent me a message asking if I could be a resource person on editing and technical writing for their entity. HHB was with me in the room when I read the message and she must have thought me crazy for breaking into a smile that was close to laughter. I kept shaking my head as I smiled/laughed quietly.

Me, a speaker?

When my son was in high school, I was pushed into heading  the parents’ group of his org. I hemmed and hawed, protested, etc. but my protests fell on deaf ears. And so I was it. But each time a report had to be made to my fellow-parents, I would bully my husband to do the reporting; or failing that, the vice president. A male. Being a real gentleman, he acceded.

So me, being a speaker in front of an audience who likely have masteral or PhD degrees? As I told C, I don’t have letters following my name; initially she said I did only to realize they preceded rather than came after my name.

Hopefully, they will find someone more worthy and competent.

I hardly am.


4 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened Today

    • Ha, look who’s talking. Were you in my place, would you do it? Though they have stopped sending messages, so I guess they’ve given up. But really, would you? Parang I wouldn’t even know where to start.

      • My other, more adventurous, challenge-seeking self is saying, “hell, yes!” Pero nananaig ang aking sleepy and lazy self. Hehehe.
        Seriously, I would. Start from the very beginning. Do-Re-Mi. 😉

        • They’re rather slow in giving details and this will be this month already. I don’t even know when exactly; plus if it’s an entire day, my poor pressure sore! And where will I change midway? Nice to think about it, sharing knowledge and all but I might be a wreck near the day itself. If you were here, I’d recommend you.

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