The Last (hopefully) Update to My Duty Free Philippines “Misencounter”

Apropos of the latest post on the topic prior to this one, the following transpired:

Lisa H said she wanted to come see me, I texted back that was going to have lunch with friends (not a lie).

She said she’d just drop the letter at the house, no more no less.

But as I was about to order lunch along with my friends, I sensed the presence of two ladies clad in corporate get-ups, the likes of which one hardly sees in Katipunan. I had a feeling they were from DFP and when I saw HHB standing close to them, I was certain.

I waved them in, we moved to a table close to where my friends and I were and talked. This letter was handed me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 20.07.52

The date, the date. In a previous conversation, I had been told the draft was prepared 6 January 2015 but they had failed to send it. At the resto, I failed to notice the “wrong” date – 6 February.

They also handed me a card that will allow me to go to DF shops but I’m almost sure I won’t use it. The last time I went to one (discounting the Resorts World outlet), all I had bought was a pack of Crunchies that cost almost a thousand pesos to my dismay. I had looked at perfumes and bags but didn’t get any. I was not confident they were really cheaper, having been clueless of their prices in Rustan’s and SSI stores.

The two ladies from DFP also  apologized about breaking my request not to bring anything other than the letter of apology. They told me they had prepared a bag of goodies which they couldn’t return any longer. They would leave this in the house, they said.

I thanked them and apologzied  over the fact that I couldn’t treat them to lunch.

they assured me that it was all right.

I appreciated their having driven over, traffic being what it always is.

I hope nothing else will transpire that will require anyone’s having to do anything of the sort because I complained about something that shouldn’t have been.

I am no sadist.


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