Brasserie Cicou

we haven’t been for a long while so I was a tad surprised when husband suggested it upon the prodding of friends. 

Finding parking is a hit and miss thing. Luckily we found one in front of OB Montessori. It’s a bit risky to park there for me in the sense that I go down the ramp from the van at the back whose doors open to the road. Luckily the motorists last night were a courteous and patient lot.

While waiting for our friends, I checked out the food one of them suggested. At least one was no longer available – the leeks and goat cheese quiche. The young lady recommended leeks and goat cheese in something that looked to me like puff pastry. By the time it was served our friends had arrived so the four of us shared two pieces. Quite good, I could have finished an entire one!

I left the ordering to them – chef’s salad recommendation, cassoulet and hanging tender. And for dessert one original kouign Amman with salted caramel ice cream and its chocolate version. These were recommended by the chef who dropped by to say hello. Oh yes the two men ordered plain rice which came one cup each – the cup measurement wasn’t too big, I just got a spoonful.

Verdict – everything was good except for the cassoulet which had a lot of white beans. I can only eat so much if beans so the dish I didn’t like at all.

The chocolate version of the dessert was ok but I preferred the original. The ice cream accompanying the desserts were like one tablespoon each only. Super bitin!

As we were leaving, husband noted the paucity of diners and he thought that a pity. The few times we’ve visited, such has always been the case.

But the resto lives on. And there must be a reason – like good food?

Go try. Set us back by almost P900 each though Tuesday to Saturday they serve dishes at less than P300 per for lunch till 5 pm.

Husband’s tummy and taste buds were very much pleased, he even said as we went home, ” Do you think our friends liked the food, too?”


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