Reading the broadsheets

I only buy newspapers on Saturdays and Sundays when I feel there are more interesting features than on weekdays. I don’t read the news for various reasons – they’re hardly ever good, some may be slanted, others may be inaccurate. Maybe I’m rationalizing, maybe not.

In the Inquirer, there’s a regular weekend columnist (I don’t know if she does other days) whose photo always makes me think – “Ay, si Michael V” each time I see it. I wish she’d change it. She used to have a nicer one where she wore shades. In her current photo, her makeup is too white and the tilt of her head is so Michael V. Oh well, maybe it’s just me, else why hasn’t she changed it?


Whoa, Dingdong in heels? Ah, to express support for women. At any rate, isn’t it  astounding how his big feet can fit into women’s shoes? Are there women with feet as big as his? And thet fit is good! I pity the man beside Dingdong. I’m almost sure he’ll have blisters when the day is done.



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