Random questions first thing in the morning

Why do spoons, forks and knives go missing in a household? Why does your 24-set of utensils suddenly dwindle to 23, 22, 21, 20 – like the 10 Little Indian boys?

Who is/are responsible? Two-legged creatures who inadvertently throw them away? Four-legged ones? Aliens?


Are DVDs subject to customs duties? Please say they aren’t. I’m still awaiting the Philpost notice for my second DVD before I hie off and find out the truth. Again, please say they aren’t…


I don’t have graham crackers. Can I use broas (lady fingers) or rich tea (marie) type biscuits instead of which I have some? That way I’ll save some money and “get rid” of the biscuits in my stash. What will the effect be? TPS, any thoughts?


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