Funnies (?!)

I asked HHA if we had calamansi for juice. She said no. I asked, “Doesn’t our tree have fruits any longer?” She said, “Ara” (meaning, there is).

I rest my case. Calamansi, unless its off the tree, cannot be made into juice ergo a house with a calamansi tree that is prolific will not have calamansi for juice unless it’s taken from the tree. Conundrum?


HHA still. In my last trip to S&R, I saw a T-bone steak that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I told HHA to cook it. She said she’d remove the bone. I was flummoxed. I said, “No.” She insisted it should be. I insisted it shouldn’t. The steak remains in the freezer.


FullSizeRender (1)

One of the tips of my fan was detached from the cloth portion. I asked HHB to glue it back a few days back.

This morning, I guess sensing how I was in a good mood, she showed it to me. She announced it could no longer be closed. I asked why – she said the glue she put on the tip dripped all the way to the bottom. But I pointed out, the tip wasn’t glued well and if there’s a drip, only a portion of that stem would be glued to the next, but in my fan’s case, the glue extended to the portion I hold.

Another conundrum? Go figure. My fan is now catatonic.


Last night I was watching Aquino and Abunda as HHB told me Edu and Sharon might be guests as they were making their comebacks in ABS. When I looked there was this young girl I didn’t recognize, of course. Son was in the room with me. I said, “Look at the neckline of her dress. What car logo is that?” Son looked and smiled, shaking his head. He said, “Mercedes Benz”.


The other night, my husband and son were watching some sport on TV. They sounded so excited, so I checked. I said, “Anong klaseng hair iyan? Nagulat? Natakot?” Son said, smiling “The comments you make are so funny!”

I guess they are in the sense that these two men were talking from the sport’s point of view, I was talking about the athlete’s appearance.

Our microcosm shows how the world is made up of…

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