A photo in FB

Why do my friends like the photo my godchildren posted in FB when I looked so fat, so unsmiling, so huge?

Ah, I guess it’s the background?

Mike took a good picture but I wish I were cropped out. Because I looked so fat, so unsmiling, so huge.

I rationalize – maybe those who clicked “like” liked the photo in toto. Or maybe they liked seeing me – fat, unsmiling, so huge?

Or maybe, as Liza Minelli said in her Oscar speech, “You like me, you really like me.”

Or as this “poster” puts it:

FullSizeRender (1)


End of story.

Or is it?

Should I retire that shirt I love so much because it’s so comfortable? it makes me look so fat, so unsmiling, so huge. Well, maybe it’s not responsible for making me look so unsmiling.

Speaking of shirts, I have the propensity to wear a favorite till kingdom come. Early on in my paralysis, a few years out of college (okay, at least 3) I visited a friend in their family business’s office. She was clad in a striped dress and had pearls on. By then I was paralyzed so I didn’t go down the car. But she noticed my shirt and remarked, “Di ba, noong college pa yan?” And who knows when in college – first, second, third, fourth or fifth year?

I think I only retired that shirt when I grew too big for it. It was a happy shirt with pink, orange and aqua stripes. When I told another friend about the incident above last Saturday, she also remembered that shirt of mine and said I gave her one just like it. I’m not sure I did though.

7 thoughts on “A photo in FB

  1. The only Uniqlo piece I have is a shirt from C; I have yet to find an item that fits huge me. But son’s wardrobe is almost all Uniqlo. How he loves the brand. Husband and I could only look with (in?) envy.

  2. Or maybe I was in imitation mode. I have a FB friend who doesn’t smile in pictures, not one picture has she posted that she smiles. Sometimes, ginagaya ko siya to check how I’d look. Sira ba? But this noon, I don’t remember. Maybe the one taking was not himself smiling? But the food was decidedly good. ALways is in that resto. If you’re in our part of our world, let’s go there!

  3. Apir! Ganyan din ako sa clothes. Pag favorite ko, lagi kong sinusuot hanggang masira. My officemates used to remark, “suot mo na naman yan, eh suot mo na yan last week.” May favorite akong Uniqlo shirtdress, nasunong nung helper yung long sleeves; I just shortened the sleeves para masuot ko pa rin. 🙂
    Saw that picture, by the way. Ang tagal kong tiningnan to make sure it was you kasi wala yung trademark smile mo. I wanted to comment sana, “Di mo nagustuhan yung food?” 🙂

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