Heaven is green sometimes

FullSizeRenderThere are a few green things I like – caimito (thanks C) ripened at the tree and well, the above.

To begin with, I like pistachios. But I try my utmost to restrain myself as they are rather expensive. Sometimes I indulge by buying the smallest pack being sold in the grocery, I’ve never yet bought a big pack of pistachios as I know I’ll want to be the only one to eat it as it’s so expensive. So while others might absent-mindedly munch on it at home, I relish every bit and am sad when others don’t. I want to say “Slow don’t, mahal yan.” This is at home only and for pistachio I’ve “sacrificed” to buy.

Then I saw this in The Food BIn’s Facebook page. Ohhh… I swooned. pistachio. But green? Well, pistachio is green but if Japanese pistachio is green, might it be wasabi infused/induced – the greenness I mean?

I called Food Bin and was careful to ask. They said “wasabi” was not listed among the ingredients. I said to deliver me one along with the buy one take one Oreos – flavors of which may be different from each other (One doesn’t have to order two lemon flavored ones – one can order one lemon, another berry for the B1T1 “promo”).

Wow, when I opened a triangle pack of the pistachio, SWWWWOOOOOON. It didn’t smell like it had wasabi. But for good measure, I read the English words written at the back of the huge pack (P550, I think). And I fell in love. I ate maybe 4 packs, each with 5 nuts. When husband arrived, I said he could have one. Then I relented, two. But he stopped at one. (YIppeee!)

It’s like Nagaraya or cracker nut with pistachio inside. SO crunchy, pistachio goodness.

It’s worthy paying for, but eat scantily so it lasts longer and the guilt is less? I do that – to rationalize th epurchase.


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