Refraction and PWDs or at least this PWD

In May I will have been 33 years on my wheelchair and in that interval, I have been to an optometrist perhaps 4 or 5 times. Logistics have gotten in the way somehow.

First, my mother’s goddaughter came over and brought her paraphernalia, including sample frames. Next, I think I went to Greenhills where the optometrist refracted me once and the next time around, decided to just add 50 to my existing grade. She knew transferring to the chair from my wheelchair was such a hassle.

Then I went to an optometrist in Shang. I had to lean forward and could only do so with husband supporting my back. I think I also had a refraction done in Power Plant.

For some months now, my vision has been giving me problems. A good friend said it’s normal for one eye to be near sighted, the other to be far. An optometrist I verbally consulted said as much.

But the past so many days I was terribly worried. Both my eyes couldn’t see as well as they had in the months past. I borrowed husband’s glasses and put them on top of mine – no help at all. Then I did son’s, while having lunch at an Italian resto in the east wing. I must have looked wearing two pairs of glasses. I thought of asking the optometrist to just copy my son’s grade and increase mine by that much; but son was indignant. He said he and his father would carry me to the  chair. The section were refraction is done is rather narrow and cannot fit a wheelchair comfortably. So yes, husband and son carried me to the chair like a sack of rice.

The optometrist was eager to help; so were the others in the optical shop.

So here I am now, happily seeing so many things again, I feel so blessed. As I had only  one pair with me, I had to buy another to be fitted in with new lenses. If I had chosen not to, I would have had to go around Shang with blurry vision.


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