Medicines and I

In the past, I felt like a drug store as I ingested medicine after medicine for various ailments, particularly  asthma, bronchitis, allergies et al.

This noon, as I wheeled to Ninyo, it occurred to me that my red rashes, not too many, but rather itchy, were reminiscent of what I had back in college. Dr. Vinson Pineda prescribed Solbar cream for them and it worked like magic.

Back when I was in grade school and/or high school, I’d suddenly feel the onset of asthma and would drink Nethaprin Dospan which had previously been prescribed.

For toothache, I’d take Optalidon and would anxiously wait for the time I could take another dose when the pain would recur.

Trisovit I drank when a cough refused to go away. Our family pedia prescribed this, after which she replaced it with a medicine that began with the letter O. Can’t recall which now.

After I contracted measles in freshman high school, I developed bronchitis. The only medicine that worked for me was Ipesandrine and the antibiotic Pentrexyl.

When I was in Prep or thereabouts, I suffered a convulsion and was put on Phenobarbital for I can’t recall how long.

When I taught after college, around February – March I developed a nasty respiratory problem diagnosed as allergy to pollen. I was put on Chlor-Trimeton for a month, I think. Vitamins were similarly prescribed: Cecon and Unicap.

When I lost my hair, rather than coconut, Dr. Pineda prescribed Sebaveen shampoo. Later, he told me to use Selsun Blue, not only for my hair but for spots on my face that were dry and itchy.

when I lost my hair, I was put on Valium which I didn’t like as it made me so groggy that one night, I flushed my high school graduation ring down the toilet. How? Whenever I washed my hands, I’d remove it. But that one night, I missed the glass panel on top of the toilet bowl, the ring fell into the bowl as I was flushing it. Arrgh.

So there. I’m saddened that a number of medicines that worked no longer exist in the Philippines. Chlor-Trimeton for one, Hismanal which worked for husband’s allergy, Sebaveen, Solbar, etc. I think some can still be bought abroad, but not here. Ah, my husband was a “fan” of Mucaine and was distressed when it no longer could be bought here.

Ah and the ever reliable Mercodol for cough when we were children. It was so  nice-tasting, we didn’t mind taking it.

Another old reliable for me was Transpulmin syrup and its balsam version which I’d rub on my chest when coughing was difficult.

A saying goes, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I am aware that some of the medicines I mentioned have ingredients that have been acknowledged to be harmful. Are they really?


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