Abe and City Delivery

The past days, I haven’t been eating heartily, except for star apple and anything but real food. The star apple was given to me by the man who clears our roof of leaves from our neighbors, every once in a while. Possible, the surfeit of said fruit diminished my appetite because of the fiber it provides? Today I had a light lunch still, half of the tapa with egg dish I ordered from Recovery Food in UP Town Center. Son ordered tuyo which was also quite good. For both our orders, we paid less than P300 because of my PWD card which merits me a discount akin to what senior citizens enjoy.

I was hoping to go out this afternoon but the thought of Katipunan traffic due to at least 4 activities going on simultaneously in the blue school deterred me. The next best thing? Food delivery. And I remembered Abe. Why so?

When son went to Ilocos, I asked him if he could get me bagnet and longganiza but being male and busy, he failed to get either. Months back, a friend of his, female, brought me both and the bagnet was so tender. Feeling bitin, I decided to do what I thought was the next best thing – buy frozen bagnet from Ilocos Empanada in the neighborhood.

Years back, I had done the same and was severely disappointed. The bagnet was tough. Well, come to think of it, of the few ones I’ve tried, the only one that was tender was that given by son’s friend. The one we had had in Ilocos years back, was similarly tough.

This time, the bagnet form IE was tough still and I was so yearning for something similar. Not lechon but bagnet. Then I googled  I tried to look for the number of the stall along St. Ignatius Village that sells Barrio Fiesta crispy pata. Unsuccessful, I thought to order from BF itself but googled crispy pata, saw the top 10 list of Spot.ph and saw ABE in the list. Eureka moment. Abe has Lechon Cubana which we’d order rather than crispy pata but it wasn’t the lechon taste I wanted. I saw spot.ph listing crispy pig knuckles of Abe and called city deliver (8787878). I ordered that plus the bamboo rice, sinuteng baby squid and gising gising. Have you noticed? I don’t order much else from Abe. I play it safe most of the time.

Happy about the food delivered. It was a tad late – maybe an hour or at least 30 minutes later than promised. But the rice was still warm.

Comfort food = ABE. The quality of the food delivered from it is tops – as though we were eating at their resto.


For dessert we had Tarta Madrid from Pasteleria Mallorca. Happiness too.


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