Now showing – Partner, a Korean drama

I haven’t been watching Roommate Season 2 as assiduously as I did Season 1, mainly because I find the rooommates in Season 2, not as exciting as those in Season 1. I don’t want to name names… perhaps some of you share how I feel?

At any rate, I was wanting for something to watch and checked out Episode 23. When I saw that the guests were two of the female leads in What Happens to My Family, it was a no brainer. I had to watch the episode. The women I am referring to are:

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 19.00.46 Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 19.01.02

The first lady, Kim Hyun Joo, is a decided favorite. She’s a natural who takes on any role with aplomb. I had watched Glass Slippers years back. Of recent vintage is What Happens to My Family. I thought I had seen her in more dramas than I could list, but I’ve mistaken her for Son Hye Jin, Lee Min Ho’s partner in Personal Taste so that might be why I thought I had seen her in more dramas than I have. Still I like how she acts

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 19.06.42

The second lady Kim Jung Nan I first noticed in A Gentleman’s Dignity where she was the stern wife of one of the 4 gentlemen in the series with an acerbic aura. In What Will Happen to My Family, she still has a negative personality but is more pleasant sometimes.

Thus the reason for my watching Roommate Season 2, Episode 23. I didn’t regret the decision.

Lady number 1 is so talented – she can sing, play the piano, dance, play the guitar, cook and use a sewing machine! She even wiped the table clean after dinner.

Lady number 2 is so warm and without the eyeliner being laid on too thick, thus making her look intimidating, she looks like a burst of sunshine when she smiles.

Lee Dong Wok wasn’t around throughout the 4 parts. This was a bit sad for me, especially because he and the girl were an “item”, I read, while they were shooting Partner.

I decided to check out Partner and initially thought I had watched it as the promotional poster showed a picture of LDW in a get up I had seen before:

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 19.13.35I checked it out and am now in Episode 6. I had not watched it ever and it is proving to be a good series. It doesn’t revolve around just one story but around several cases – the two protagonists being both lawyers. No love angle yet thus far, just slight hints given that the male lead is smitten with another lady.

So there. It’s Partner I’m now watching.

Done with The Legendary Witch, the last 10 episodes of which were a tad depressing.

Done with Kill Me, Heal Me which has been compared to Jekyll and Hyde or some such. I began watching the latter but upon sensing it had a similar plot to KMHM, I opted not to go on with JH. Maybe when I run out. Not too fond of the female lead in JH.


Now on Episode 7 of Partner and guess what, one of the characters is the second lady who was in What Happens to My Family and Roommate Episode 23!!!


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