Replenishing my Pasteleria Mallorca hoard

Months back, or I guess last month, I went to Pasteleria Mallorca in 18 Scout Puentevella. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do in terms of distance, but husband and son liked the stuff I got there, particularly the palillos de Milan, lengua de gato, and mamon tostado. For myself, I liked the tarta Madrid, so I got that too. And the clincher: the bocaditos. The bocaditos have to be pre-ordered and they cost a bit, considering their size – P39 for one bite. I always allow myself a first time, possibly last too. Here they are:

Box with bocaditos followed by the bocaditos and tarta madrid

IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3678

Sansrival, pallillos, mamon tostado and lengua de gato

Verdict – the bocaditos’ crust isn’t as puff pastry-like as in the past. In fact, Dulcinea’s version would be better if it used real butter.

The top of the tarta Madrid slid a little from the top, a bit delicate, apparently. Husband said slippage must have occurred when he failed to see a hump on the road and the car went tsug tsug.

The thingies in bottles we’ve tried. My favorite is the palillos which I”m surprised son likes too –  I thought he’d find it too sweet after saying he liked the lengua because it wasn’t too sweet. The mamon tostado husband likes with coffee. After trying this, he pronounced the mamon tostado from my home province unsatisfactory.

We’ve yet to try the sans rival. I got only one slice.

The bocaditos I’ll likely not order anymore. Minimum order is 40 pcs. It’s okay but I miss the puff pastry taste … the air. the layers, etc. But it’s okay. On second thought, I think I will. After having eaten quite a number, I’m convinced it’s good. True the puff pastry is no longer as puffy, but the amount of chorizo bilbao in it is substantial and the quality of the chorizo quite good.


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