Always wear your seatbelt!

I learned this first hand today, while driving along C-5. Let me make that clear, husband was driving, son was in front talking to his boss, I was in the last row in my wheelchair which was fastened on all fours while I wasn’t. I have been rationalizing how my potential energy far exceeds my kinetic dose, so I could hardly move without assistance. I never considered the car’s suddenly breaking.

As I said we were along C-5, behind a yellow cab. The traffic light was green so husband was driving to move forward. I was then fixing the contents of my bag, my hands busily doing so. But I did see the cab without thinking much of it. Before I knew it, I was embracing the pilot’s seat in front of me, my elbow perched atop I don’t know what. I told my husband, D, I fell. He said, “Yes, I know.” I had shouted “Ay!” in shock. Very soon after I did, I felt so embarrassed because I knew son was talking to his boss. In fact I asked son, did he hear it? Son said yes.

I didn’t hit my head on anything, I was embracing the seat in front of me – oh I said that already. And thought I was still on my wheelchair but on a different angle. Then I saw the seat of the wheelchair without a human being on it, so I realized I had fallen. Husband couldn’t stop. Son went to the back and lifted me back to my wheelchair. I said I was okay after he did so but he lifted me again. I said that didn’t change anything. Son said husband had to stop somewhere safe, they’d bring me down and perch me properly on my wheelchair. I said there was no need for that.

When husband made a move to stop, son and I said no. But before long, we were atop the Bagong ILog Bridge where at one point the bridge was wider, so we moved to it. Son and husband then positioned me properly on my wheelchair and fastened the seatbelt around me.

Promise, I’ll wear it all the time I”m on the wheelchair. The wheelchair didn’t move at all, a testimony to how sturdy the thing I bought in Amazon is – a tie down system. It came with a seatbelt that has to be screwed atop the window of the van but we’ve not gotten round to doing that. The wheelchair I have now is one I bought through Amazon as well.


My body felt sore after but I didn’t ask to change plans. So we ate in BGC at Mango Tree which is quite good except for its bagoong rice which was almost without flavor. Husband wondered if they had forgotten to add bagoong, I rued that perhaps they were stingy about the amount of sweet pork they had put.

Our orders included pad thai, stick rice with mango, catfish salad, pork neck with a special sauce, and jumbo prawns. Son liked the sauce so much he looked for and found the recipe for the special sauce here and the pork neck here.

While eating we mulled over the “accident” and while doing so, husband and son said that luckily, Hyundai Starex’s brake was okay. I credited our guardian angels for protecting us from harm. Son also said it was a good thing husband had stepped on the brakes. They both thought we’d hit the cab.

Son called back his boss who said if we needed a lawyer, he was willing to talk to the other party. Son thanked him and they went on with their discussion re some table son had submitted.

Son didn’t have his seatbelt on and in fact, I had noticed that earlier. Little did I know it was I who should have put it on as son managed to hold on to something, staving his fall.

What a day.

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