Philpost circa March 2015

In particular, QCCPO in NIA Road.

In February 2015, I decided to gift myself with two Korean DVDs of films not available online. I mentioned this in a previous post, I think. I ordered both via Amazon and while I did so simultaneously, the feedback was that they’d be mailed separately – one with an estimated arrival of March 20, another of March 23.

On March 4, I got a notification for one package. As I wasn’t expecting anything other than those two DVDs, I presumed that the said notification was for one of them.

Though I was excited, I opted for delayed gratification and to wait out the arrival of the another notification for a second DVD. By yesterday, 23 March, none had come. But I didn’t want to be issued a second notification for the first one so I thought to proceed to the post office and just take a chance that the second had arrived and would be given to me without any problem, even if I hadn’t yet received the notification for it.

I had the Wheelmobile come at 9 am but I went out to ride it a little past 9. And though I had set Waze, Mang Roger chose a different route. Traffic along Kamias was heavy, EDSA medium heavy but we managed to get to the post office a little past 10.

There was a lady being attended to and after her, a gentleman was lined up to be next. But a kibitzer told the gentleman to let me go ahead … I didn’t check if it was okay with him … scared to be disappointed.

After leafing through several pages, the lady in Window 37 found the entry re my package, I handed her my PWD ID. She asked, “ano eto?” Uh oh, initially I didn’t budge – it was a government ID after all. But she kept asking so I said, “Would you like my SSS ID?” She said yes. I handed it to her. The last time I was at Philpost, I think I had to pay in another window for the fee, but this time, she did everything. I handed her the P100 payment, she issued me a receipt. I asked about the second package, she didn’t mind me. She attended to the gentleman.

Meanwhile, the kibitzer handed me the log book for me to peruse for my second package. Unaware of how entries were arranged, I ruefully leafed through the pages and was about to give me up when another lady in Window 38 who wasn’t attending to anyone in particular, asked for my name, address, etc. She also asked for the log book I was holding and went through it.

I made a motion to leave because it seemed like an exercise in futility, but the lady got another logbook – note that these were thick volumes of hand written entries – and told me to wait until she finished checking as it would be a pity if the package were already there after all.

Her perseverance and persistence, dedication too, were rewarded. She found the entry. The package had arrived March 18, she said.

Note that earlier, I had showed them a screenshot of my two orders from Amazon to prove I wasn’t lying about the estimated arrival dates.

At any rate, I was  so happy that her efforts proved fruitful, asked for her name so I could tell the Post Master General about her good deed, beyond the call of duty, right? Below are pictures of her and my two gifts to myself.

Thank you, Connie Fermin of the Parcel Section of QCCPO!


FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

On a related note, I hope Philpost will computerize its operations soon!

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