Roommate Episode 24 (Season 2)

The guest in this episode is Ms. Kim Soo Mi, who was the irritating co-prisoner of the Legendary Witch’s witches. She stole most of the thunder in that series with her outlook, her lines, her aura, her persona. And apparently, this wasn’t far removed from who she really is if one were to judge by Episode 24.

Jackson is affectionate toward her, as he usually is. They hold hands – no malice there. She tells him she hasn’t kissed her husband for over 20 years but kisses her dog a lot. Asked if she still held hands with her husband, she says no.

Very candid, very frank, so much fun. And my, can she cook.

Am now on the second part of Ep 24 and am happy to note that so far, the two unfavorites of mine in Season 2 aren’t around while my favorite Lee Dong Wook is present.


Love this episode.

Trivia: if I understood it correctly, Ms. Kim Soo Mi is the mother of a good-looking leading man of K dramas. This guy. Ms. Kim Soo Mi are on the left

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 18.22.21


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