MESA via 2121212 (Quick Delivery)

For lunch today, we ordered from MESA through QD. I mentioned my PWD card but was told that the resto has a standing order not to apply any discounts for PWDs. What gives, MESA?

But the food was good. Ordered 1/6 of crispchon done two ways (in green pandan wrap and cooked in garlic and chili – came with 3 sauces – I chose garlic mayo (son said putting it in the wrap reminded him of shawarma), pork liver sauce (think lechon sauce) and Rikki’s favorite (hoisin). Son ordered laing, husband pork barbecue. He was wishing Reyes barbecue but I’m so umay with it I said no. Also ordered crispy leche flan (leche flan wrapped in lumpia wrap and deep fried) and cassava cake. The former is quite good, the latter so-so. The laing came in two versions- dry and wet.

Son was so happy with food from MESA. I would have been happier if they honored my PWD card with a discount.

Oh well. the world isn’t perfect.

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