Interesting photos online

I hope I don’t get into trouble for posting them:

When I was viewing the earlier pictures from this set, I was a bit disappointed that none of the First Lady’s get-ups were done by a Filipino designer. Happily, I was wrong: in December 2014, she wore a Monique Lhuiller.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 14.36.27


IN the new Instagram site of Chuvaness, Chuvafinds, she postesd this: frozen chicharon bulaklak! Since going to S&R at this point (I’m off sitting on my wheelchair for a spell), I called Rustan’s and Shoppersville if they have this. Apparently they hadn’t even heard of it. It’s a San Mig/Purefoods product.

Darn… when can I go to S&R and when I do, will it still be available? I’ve always preferred chicharon bulaklak to bituka.

Finally, C – look – a photo of Hugh Jackman’s pooch. We have something in common with him:


Our’s may not have any papers but who would be able to tell? Your Destiny, our Boogie, – they look like the HJ’s doggie.


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