Random Notes on Summer Living

I can’t remember when but a few weeks ago, I bought three flavors of Big Scoop ice cream in Unimart and cannot be happier. I’m just hoping they are not nowhere near gone – I’ve been having a cup each day because of the excruciating heat. The other day, to break the habit, I had the “gourmet” ice cream (CB) instead. Salted caramel. It was way too heavy I couldn’t finish it. Cheaper ice cream rules in this heat.


Decades ago, around June, my sister’s piano student planed in with me to the Philippines from Germany. While we were eating a sandwich she was having salad. She remarked how she couldn’t understand how we could eat something so heavy in this heat. She was younger than I was but good for her, that realization dawned on her in her 20s. It’s only now I realize how I should eat sparingly in this heat. The appetite for real food just isn’t there. I’d rather just drink water, have some ice cream, a slice of pizza, etc.


Years back before cell phones came to be in the PHilippines, I was taking a call from a relative outside our bedroom. I was very impatient and she laughingly asked why. I said “It’s so hot!” She rued that she didn’t think the heat would affect my mood. But it did, it does.


On Good Friday, I expected some rain in the afternoon and dark skies near noon. But they weren’t there. A friend who’s into watching the weather said – these were signs of global warming indeed.


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