Banoffee Pie again

The other day, husband, son and I watched Baking Bad in one of the cooking channels. It was a fluke that we found it but a most happy one. I wasn’t concentrating on the show but husband and son were as the cooking was taking place in Paris.

then I saw /heard she was making banoffee pie and while I found a truly good recipe that I shared here months back, my interest was piqued as instead of graham crackers, she used digestive biscuits. I think the local Marie biscuits are digestives. Are they still being sold? Rich Tea also.

It was back in the 70s when RT first came to my consciousness. I bought pack after pack in the school canteen. Then when we went to London in 1980, was I surprised to find Rich Tea biscuits. And the local version tasted almost the same as the British one.

Fast forward to Marks & Spencer’s presence in the Philippines. The store sells digestives, the blue one my son’s favorite. So we’d buy. In time, diminishing marginal utility to consume set in and the biscuit ceased to attract son. But last Christmas, either he or husband got one for a present and the brown version we got via a promo of M&S that sold it for P1 some months back with a certain minimum purchase.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

We hadn’t eaten them yet and I was aware it had a best before date that had passed. Still…

So this morning I made banoffee pie following BB’s recipe.

I used this to break the cookies into very tiny crumbs:


I got this in True Value after HHA told me to get a replacement for our garlic crusher. I was sales talked into getting this, or so I thought, but months after, I realized this is a good buy. As in. It crushes things to smithereens with just two pushes of the “switch” on top. No mortar and pestle necessary! So pleased with this I cannot help but compare it with that frying pan that doesn’t require you to flip the meat inside, just the covered/reversible(?) pan.

Oops I digressed. Back to the banoffee.

As the digestives I crushed had chocolate tops, I used a few pieces of each so the crust wouldn’t be too dark.

I had a slice just now and it was good. Layers in order are: crushed digestives – maybe 8 pieces mixed with 1/3 cup melted butter. No need for sugar. Press this on the greased pie plate.

Then top with dulce de leche – my old bottle from Cru Kitchen that tasted good still. You could also cook a can of condensed milk for 2.5 hours. (Note: I read in a blog post that you can keep boiled cans in the pantry or cupboard for months!)

After the milk, I layered slices of banana and topped this with whipped cream (Elle V.. brand).

IN Breaking Bad, it was suggested that chocolate shavings be put atop the cream. But as the crust was half chocolate, I didn’t bother.

Next project – to use the lady fingers son received. I know it can be used for ice box cakes, can I also use it for the crust of a chocolate based filling?

2 thoughts on “Banoffee Pie again

  1. Di ko na-post yung comment ko regarding this and tinamad na akong ulitin kasi I was using my phone. Anyway, try mo McVities. Masarap din.
    As for the lady fingers, tiramisu?

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