Cooking for Two?

There are cookbooks on cooking for 2, but is the chore worth it?

It’s a matter of been there, done that. I have a small family of 3 and there have been times when we’d have rechauffe for days on end. No kidding. SOmetimes, I’d try to reinvent the remains of the day, but don’t succeed all the time.

Months back, I spoke to a friend whose house is now an empty nest, with just her husband and herself in it. She confessed she no longer cooks but buys from the nearby establishments. More practical, sometimes cheaper too.

I have a male friend who lives solo. When he first began to do so, he’d cook. But now no more. He orders from cheap eateries nearby. Good food at reasonable prices. No hassle for him either.

I have another male friend who’s into condo living. He too buys food or takes home leftover food. If he cannot stand the sight of them in his refrigerator, he gives them to his cleaning lady or to the building’s security personnel.

That intro is my way of rationalizing my decision to buy lunch many days a week, now that husband is on vacation. Mornings are short and HHA who does the cooking has chores lined up for mornings – fine when it’s just I at home because I have food reheated or have a sandwich. But husband has to have his full meal.

thus far we’ve ordered form Ken Afford. Pinakbet rice is good (I hate (subliminal mistake? I meant ate) one slice of ampalaya). Their kare-kare is good too, so with the accompanying bagoong. My husband likes their sisig a la Domeng. He wanted to try the bangus sisig (THe Barn – we miss the your sisig – paging Mariz Ricketts) but as of lunch yesterday, I was told they’d have it available in the evening. Ah yes, the sisig, kare kare, pinakbet rice we’ve not consumed after two meals. One more meal to go with it as rechauffe.

Today I ordered pork barbecue from Serye for husband. GIven a choice he’d eat that every day. But I’m up to my ears with barbecue, so more often than not, I say no. But today I thought it was time and ordered him that. Myself? I ordered dinuguan with puto.

That’s the reason behind this post. Serye (Quezon Circle)’s dinuguan is very good. Pork cuts, some with fat, no innards there though I’d have welcomed those. And white puto.

Either the serving is too small, though, or I liked it so much I finished it in two meal sittings. Yummy.


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